This website has been designed to be inaccessible to people who depend upon vision to navigate the web. Some people are reliant on visual cues to know what to click on. They use their eyes rather than their ears or fingers to read words. They don't know how to use a keyboard to click on things and depend on mice. They just aren't going to be able to use this site. They can't read these words because the text is the same color as the background. It is all navy blue to those folks.

Now let's give them a form where they don't know what they've typed in the form. This happens to screen reader users when developers use rich text editing fields.

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Hmm, so you hit a button and this box popped up on the screen wanting something from you. It's kinda a problem since you don't know what it wants or how to make it go away. Sometimes you might not know it's there. Your screen reader might not tell you, so you keep going over the same page trying to figure out why the button didn't work. It is really frustrating and really messes with usability.
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