Using Zoom on the Mac

Toggle Zoom –  Option+Command+8

Zoom in – option+Command+equals

Zoom Out – Option+Command+minus

Increase magnification of VoiceOver cursor – control+Option+shift+right  bracket

Decrease magnification of VoiceOver cursor – control+Option+shift+left bracket

Take a screen shot (creates a file on the desktop Command+Shift+3


Go to system preferences – accessibility – display to invert colors and increase the size of the mouse pointer.

Go to system preferences – accessibility – Zoom to change Zoom options. You can choose between full screen Zoom and Picture in Picture modes. You can tell Zoom to follow the mouse pointer or keyboard focus.  You can set

Zoom and VoiceOver can run at the same time.

Go to System Preferences – Keyboard –Shortcuts to assign additional keyboard shortcuts or modify existing ones.